I want to thank my readers, as reached the landmark of 1,000,000 all-time views this week. The website was born in 2010 when I posted multiple columns I originally wrote for the Stanford Anesthesia Department publication The Gas Pipeline. Over the following months I added a series of columns aimed at laypeople, answering frequently asked questions about anesthesia.

The website reached only a few thousand viewers the first year, but I kept writing and the readership grew. By 2017 the number of columns grew to the current total of 148 pages. The crescendo in traffic was progressive, with a recent boom to a level of approximately 11,000 views per week, and a pace to reach over 500,000 readers per year. Thirty-five percent of the clicks are on columns aimed at anesthesia/medical professionals, and 67% of the clicks are on columns aimed at the public. My readers reside in over 100 countries from around the world.

The website has been an adventure for me. I write and control everything as a one-man production. The platform is a template, and my only expense is $18 per year to WordPress for website hosting. I’ve never paid a penny for Internet search engine optimization, or for efforts to rise toward the top on Google search lists.

I enjoy corresponding with readers, and I frequently write columns in response to a request or question from a reader. In addition to writing about my own experience and training, I rely heavily on as my source of knowledge of the peer-reviewed medical literature, which I frequently summarize and refer to for my readers.

Three sets of editors have contacted me to write chapters for their anesthesia/surgical textbooks on topics I’ve written about on my website. A leading university anesthesia program invited me to travel to their hospital and lecture as a Visiting Professor. Attorneys from 20 states have contacted me for opinions on legal cases.

Writing is a passion, but my primary job is still clinical anesthesia. I attend to patients before, during, and after surgery, five days a week. I’ve personally administered more than 25,000 anesthetics over 33 years, and have no plans to retire soon.

The success of would not be possible without my readers, and I thank you all. I’ll keep writing, and I invite you to keep reading.

Thanks a million!

Rick Novak, MD



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