This image is a depiction of the discovery of anesthesia (October 16th, 1846, at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts).

Dr. William Morton, a local dentist, demonstrates the use of inhaled ether to anesthetize patient Edward Abott.  Dr. John Warren then painlessly removes a tumor from Abbott’s neck. After Warren finishes and Abbott regains consciousness, the surgeon turns to his medical audience and utters, “Gentlemen, this is no humbug.”

The profession of medicine offers a lifetime of fascination, and no specialty is more fascinating than Anesthesiology.

The Anesthesia Consultant is a portal into the captivating and compelling world of the operating room.  The Anesthesia Consultant is designed to inform and entertain both laypeople and medical specialists.

Whether you’re an anxious patient with a question regarding a future surgery, or a medical professional investigating the academic specialty of anesthesiology, The Anesthesia Consultant site has answers for you.

The Pages listed in the sidebar summarize topics of interest to non-medical readers. There are dozens of additional pages on anesthesia topics.  Type your keyword into the SEARCH box to research your topic.

The Clinical Problems posted listed in the sidebar are written for Anesthesia Professionals. There are dozens of additional posts of Clinical Problems for Anesthesia Professionals.  Type your keyword into the SEARCH box to research your topic.

Presented by Richard Novak, MD, a Stanford-trained anesthesiologist and internal medicine specialist in active clinical practice at Stanford University Hospital in Palo Alto, California.

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